A resident of the place which encompasses all facets of existence, including planets, stars, life, and all forms of matter and energy. Planctophob (Nick Matern) is a minimal music producer and a Dj, owner of Plankton Repellent label.

Experiment is the only way to find something really new and interesting. This is the only thing I’m thinking about. This is why I’m here. I like it in any displays. Experiments with sounds, with colours, with my mind. Without any lanterns I’m going into the darkness. And I’ll never turn back.

We’ve had a strong relationship with Planctophob since the early days of Plazma. Noteworthy collaborations include his remixes for Mogo‘s “Labyrinth of Drugs” EP, and a remix for Rausch&Metrik‘s “Into Darkness” EP. His debut album, “Existent Place“, featuring four originals, is another highlight. Explore further insights into Planctophob by checking out his interview with us.