Damne is a prolific artist known for his signature blend of melancholic organic textures, industrial rhythms, and ambient melodies. With a focus on modular synthesis dialogues, his music is characterized by rich arrangements and meticulous attention to spatial layers.

A versatile performer, Damne seamlessly navigates between DJ mixes and hybrid live performances, encapsulating audiences with his immersive sets.

Beyond his solo projects, Damne is the proud owner of the label Wetland, a home to celebrate like-minded fellow musicians.

Plus, some exciting news, as Damne’s collaboration release with Speed Mode called ‘Funk for Punk‘ has launch on Plazma Records this week. With a spectrum of remixes by Eme Kulhnek and Dark Saw, this release is poised to catapult listeners on an intense and immersive Techno trip through industrial raw techno patterns.

But for now, Damne prepared a special set for all of us to enjoy. Just as his latest release, this set serves to solidify Damne’s standing as an artist leading the charge in sonic innovation, consistently delivering exhilarating and genre-defying musical encounters. Tune in!