In Episode #572 today, we bring you another musical tale, and this time it’s from Daykan. His quest into the scene unfolds as a truly compelling story:

“Two years into my exploration of electronic music and frequenting underground parties, the idea of venturing into DJing hadn’t crossed my mind. That is until one serendipitous night when a friend, a DJ herself, dropped by my place with her DJ machine in tow.

Out of sheer curiosity, I stood casually behind the machine, and my fingers grazed the controller. At that moment, an intoxicating surge coursed through me, igniting a spark that pulled me into the depths of this world. From that night onward, my journey as a DJ began.

Driven by newfound passion, I sought a suitable mentor, invested in a controller, and dedicated myself to practice. As I immersed myself in the intricacies of DJing, I discovered a way to connect with the universe. Amid the beats and rhythms, I unearthed one of the most beautiful phenomena—love.

Since stepping into this world, I’ve honed my skills and uncovered a channel to communicate with the universe. Through the power of music, I aspire to share the energy of love with the world, weaving it into the very fabric of the tunes I create.”