It’s a tradition now. Label’s executive Ektoplazma in an hour on the show covering his production as well as label’s gems. Tune in and learn more about upcoming 2019. Happy festivities! 🖤


  1. Ektoplazma – Space Tale (Original Mix)
  2. Danny Wabbit – Make It DSA (Original Mix)
  3. Out of Sorts – Hollow Beat (Original Mix)
  4. Deuce ParksRadiation Station (Original Mix)
  5. Sasha Wins, Igor Shep – Incomprehension (Original Mix)
  6. Gesaffelstein – Destinations (Original Mix)
  7. Sian, AG Fernande – Hard To Find (Original Mix)
  8. Niukid – Abuelo
  9. Kirill Mator, Max Cornflower – Abandoned City
  10. Danny Wabbit – TPNN