Hailing from Lithuania but now calling Germany home, Hamandra was born with music coursing through her veins. With a passion for music that spanned various genres, Minimal Techno was the turning point that sparked her interest in music production in 2014.

Hamandra is not afraid to experiment with various sub-genres of Minimal Techno and Electronica. Incorporating pulsing beats, haunting melodies, and intricate soundscapes, her music is a reflection of her unique perspective and vision as an artist.

Right now, she is cooking up a couple of EPs in the studio. One of these gems, titled “Alchemist,” promises to be a transformative journey on its own. But that’s not all – she’s also enlisted the help of two incredible visionaries, Luca Accardi and Debora Grzeszczuk, to lend their unique perspective and creativity to the tracks.