To finish up Summer Sessions of Plazmatic Sessions, our resident Hamandra recorded a very special set, mixed solely out of tracks produced by female music producers. She also includes her upcoming album Ancient Astronauts. Tune in to hear the story behind all of this.


  1. Hamandra – The Beginning
  2. ANNA – Remembrance (Main Mix)
  3. Amelie Lens – Restless (Original Mix)
  4. HamandraIrkalla (Original Mix)
  5. ONYVAA – Poems Of The Atoms (Original Mix)
  6. HamandraIrkalla (Lee K Remix)
  7. HamandraKishar (Anina Owly Remix)
  8. BEC – Onyx (Original Mix)
  9. Aurora Halal – Nasty 2 (Original Mix)
  10. Hamandra Kishar (Original Mix)
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