In today’s Episode #582, we throwback to the 90s, times when vinyl records reigned supreme in underground club scenes. It was an era where the throbbing rhythms of house and techno music, skillfully spun by genuine DJs, resonated with a purity and richness reminiscent of live concerts.

These tracks possessed a natural depth, capturing the full spectrum of sound waves with finesse – from the thunderous basslines to the crisp highs and nuanced mid-frequencies.

DeeperLX, a young adult in that period, was lucky to hang out in Zürich, Switzerland where the underground movement and the scene represented a mainstream, and the proper club culture epitomized a ritual of community life.

It was there in, the town in the late 90s, where he began to go around the vinyl stores, to join the society, and to collect the records. It was there during the days when he made his first live DJ gig at the awesome Street Parade.

To demonstrate his dedication, DeeperLX’s latest endeavor features an all-vinyl DJ set, filmed and recorded live at the sunrise of Dubai City. Stay tuned for the full story and interview with DeeperLX soon on PlazMag!