At Plazma, collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. While we’re steadfast to showcasing the talents of producers and DJs in the scene, we’re equally enthusiastic about acknowledging our record label friends. 

These labels are pioneering the techno scene by pushing boundaries and carving out unique niches on the fringes of the mainstream. With strong connections to their creators, many of whom have greatly contributed to Plazma, we’re thrilled to shine a spotlight on them. Don’t wait any longer – explore this post to uncover our top 11 underground techno labels and meet the incredible originators behind them!

Let’s Define the Term “Underground Label”

First, let’s nail down the “Underground”. An underground label is an independent or niche record label that operates outside the dominant music industry. These labels focus on alternative or non-commercial genres, supporting artists who prioritize authenticity over conforming to popular trends.

Emphasizing artistic freedom, creativity, and a do-it-yourself (DIY) ethos, underground labels play a vital role in championing music that may not achieve mainstream success but holds significant cultural or artistic value within niche communities or subcultures.

You’ll notice this clearly in the stories of the labels we feature in this blog post. Founded out of a desire to break free from conventional norms and resist trends, these labels, much like Plazma, proudly embrace their distinctive direction and style.

Another common thread is the shared goal of supporting fellow artists on their journey. This, among other reasons, is why underground labels play a crucial role in the music industry.

Our Pick: Top 11 Underground Techno Labels

Now that we’ve got the lowdown on what makes an underground label tick, let’s dive into the exciting lineup of 11 noteworthy ones.

Explore the lineup below, neatly organized from A to Z:

Attack Records

Story of Attack Records

Founders and owners Vicky Sand, Melanie Massa, MAS BASS, INA established Attack Records as a music production company and record label. Established in April 2021, Attack Records is on a mission to bring back Minimal Techno to Argentine culture, drawing inspiration from its golden age in the country’s past. While their passion lies in Minimal Techno, they welcome other electronic genres like Techno and Psy, constantly searching for talented artists to collaborate with.

Attack Records prioritizes self-management, inclusivity, and supporting new talent for a vibrant music scene. They see electronic music as a force for social change, creating events that are more than just parties to celebrate the power of music.

Image by @attack.records on Instagram
Image by @attack.records on Instagram

Philosophy and Highlights

Professionalism is paramount in their approach, focusing on a specific sound that aligns with their minimal imprint. Whether an artist is emerging or established, they prioritize musical quality and the creative process.

Noteworthy releases include their debut, “First Attack“, featuring global artists defining their sound. Memorable events, including a collaboration with Blastkick and hosting Jorge Ciccioli, mark their success.

Attack Records’ Crew at Plazma

All four record label heads – Melanie Massa, MAS BASS, INA, and Vicky Sand, – showcased their smashing mixes on Plazmatic Sessions. Have a listen below!

Future Aspirations

Attack Records’ future aspirations involve continuous growth, championing Minimal Techno in various forms. Committed to producing high-quality events and releasing unique musical pieces, they believe staying true to their values will make a positive impact on the electronic music world.

Pabloalonsoph-Crobar-Family-Partner--7-10-23-ATTACK Rec

What’s Next at Attack Records and Contacts

Looking ahead to 2024, Attack Records anticipates exciting releases, notably their second Various Artists, “Second Attack”, and the debut EP “Illusion” from Argentine producer Tetra Hydro.

They encourage demo submissions via and invite Argentine residents to join their events.

Attack Records on Beatport


Story of AXTK

AXTK, led by Alex Tsak, is a Finnish techno music label fostering new and established artists who venture into dark sounds. Born out of Alex’s desire for a platform embracing the experimental, the unique, and artists whose music defies existing labels.

The label’s genesis traces back about three years, sparked by Alex’s frustration with fitting his demos into other labels’ molds. December 2022 marked the successful birth of AXTK, focusing primarily on dark minimal techno, but as well passionate about Minimal, Raw/Deep/Hypnotic techno subgenres.

Alex Tsak
Alex Tsak

Philosophy and Highlights

AXTK champions freedom, creativity, and experimentation, aiming to break free from industry standards. Humility, kindness, and honesty define their values, driven by an unwavering passion for music encapsulated in their motto: “AXTK is an attitude towards life”.

A standout project for AXTK is the ‘Perspectives’ VA, a collaboration between established and upcoming artists like Ektoplazma, Rosper, Damien Fisher, Malek Ales, Eme Kulhnek, Hc Kurtz, Paul Neary, and more.

Alex Tsak’s Releases with Plazma

Alex Tsak, now heading AXTK, made multiple impactful appearances on our label. It began with his debut EP, “The Way“, at Plazma. Later, he delivered extraordinary remixes for Chris Corners‘ “Alien Talk About” EP and Debora Grzeszczuk‘s “Slowly“. Also, check out Alex’s interview with us back in 2022 to learn more about the man behind the label.

  1. 01 The Way (Original Mix) Alex Tsak
  2. 02 Limiter (Original Mix) Alex Tsak
  3. 03 The Way (Mitod Remix) Alex Tsak
  4. 04 Limiter (Ektoplazma Remix) Alex Tsak

What’s Next at AXTK and Contacts

Exciting releases are in the pipeline, including Mirko Antico‘s ‘Kontakt’ EP, the unique ‘Project X’ single track, ‘Savage’ LP by Alex Tsak, and the highly anticipated ‘Perspectives Vol2’ VA.

Connect with AXTK label on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Reach out via email, DM, or submit demos to AXTK using this link.

AXTK on Beatport

Dark Wave

Story of Dark Wave

Founded and spearheaded by Emilio Rozalen (Rosper) and Juanma Navarro (Dim Section), Dark Wave is a record label specializing in the most obscure techno-minimal music.

In 2018, their journey began with a desire to showcase their distinctive style without conforming to other labels. This led to the birth of Dark Wave, a platform that not only differentiates itself but also provides a stage for new producers to shine.

Rosper | Artist at Plazma Records

Philosophy and Highlights

Primarily rooted in Minimal, they remain open to exploring new styles or subgenres of Techno that align with their vision, with their core mission being to showcase new and talented artists.

While Dark Wave hasn’t ventured into hosting events yet, they are proud of their artist roster, including Eme Kulhnek, supported by underground heavyweights like Richie Hawtin and Pan-Pot. Other notable names include Monococ, Johnny Witcher, Paul Neary, Endroi, Lex Digital, Alan D’Cid, Andrew Shepherd, Debora Grzeszczuk, Dark Saw, and more.

Rospers’s Releases with Plazma

We’ve been working with Rosper since the early days of Plazma, cultivating a strong relationship. Notable projects include his debut album “Astral Gate” and remixes for Paul Neary‘s “Defect” EP and AGLR‘s “Signals” EP.

  1. 01 Rosper - Astral Gate (Original Mix) Astral Gate EP by Rosper
  2. 02 Rosper - Astral Gate (Webby Remix) Astral Gate EP by Rosper
  3. 03 Rosper - Unknown Universe (Original Mix) Astral Gate EP by Rosper
  4. 04 Rosper - Unknown Universe (HC Kurtz Remix) Astral Gate EP by Rosper

What’s Next at Dark Wave and Contacts

Exciting releases are in the pipeline, an EP featuring Mogo and the return of Agustin De Rose with another stellar EP.

For those eager to join Dark Wave label, reach out to Rosper, Dim Section, or Dark Wave on their social networks or email with a private Soundcloud link.

Dark Wave on Beatport

D.M.T. Records

Story of D.M.T. Records

Led by Der Denker, aka Sum Spirae (human name Samuel Gagnon), D.M.T. Records is a collective crafting meaningful music, weaving unique narratives through characters and landscapes that draw the listener into the creators’ imaginative abyss.

Founded through collaboration among open-minded and passionate individuals, the label doesn’t limit itself to specific techno subgenres. Instead, it embraces all styles, focusing on depth, introspection, and love, with the main goal of “sharing what life is”. Authenticity is their most important value.

Highlights and What’s Next at D.M.T. Records

Notable successes include participation in Lost Theory Festival, Modem Festival, and collaboration with the Royal Danish Ballet. With 195 releases in 10 years, the label has a rich history. Exciting upcoming projects, like one by LOURA, are on the horizon.

Sum Spirae at Plazma and Contacts

Samuel had a mix on the Plazmatic Sessions a while ago, and his return with a new mix is in the works. Stay tuned for this one!

To be part of the D.M.T. Records collective, contact them at or reach out directly to Samuel.

D.M.T. Records on Beatport


Story of Facts

Facts, spearheaded by Eme Kulhnek, is a fresh label providing a platform for artists of all sizes to freely express their art without genre constraints. It’s based in Buenos Aires and aims to support creators who want to tell a story through their music, emphasizing intention and emotion in creation.

Genre-wise, Facts avoids pigeonholing, preferring to focus on storytelling within Techno, Minimal, and their offshoots. As long as there’s a narrative to unfold, they’re open to exploring diverse musical landscapes.

Besides offering a platform for artists, Facts also provides mastering services at competitive rates for those seeking professional sound enhancement.

Eme Kulhnek | Plazma Records Podcast
Eme Kulhnek

Philosophy and Highlights

Facts‘ philosophy underscores the importance of freedom in artistic expression, rooted in self-respect and mutual respect for others.

While still new, Facts boasts upcoming releases already vetted and approved by Richie Hawtin, along with collaborations and remixes from global talents. With two releases already under their belt, they’re gearing up for more original tracks from the label’s owner.

Eme Kulhnek’s Releases with Plazma

Eme Kulhnek has graced our label multiple times, featuring prominently on Plazmatic Sessions and contributing remixes for Damne & Speed Mode‘s “Funk for Punk” EP and Peku‘s “Correct Tempo” EP. Additionally, we’re eager to announce Eme’s debut EP exclusively for Plazma, currently in the works! In the meantime, listen to his recent mix for Plazmatic Sessions below.

Aspirations and Contacts

Their goals are crystal clear: to empower artists to convey their emotions through music, attract top-tier producers and DJs, and ensure their music resonates with audiences worldwide.

Aspiring artists can connect with Facts by submitting demos via email to, providing a private SoundCloud link with enabled downloads.

Facts on Beatport

Mothr Music

Story of Mothr Music

Founded by Diego Ferrey, also known as MRDIE, and Le Nardo, formerly the DJ duo Ice Machine, Mothr‘s inception traces back to their roots as Ice Machine, where they gained traction with various DJ techno presentations. This journey eventually led them to establish their own label in 2017, starting with an EP by artist John Haden.

Mothr boasts a rich history of over 7 years in the DJing market, releasing 1 to 2 albums monthly. Their music has garnered attention from industry heavyweights like Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Pan Pot, and Chris Liebing.

Image by @mothrmusic on Instagram
Image by @mothrmusic on Instagram

Philosophy and Highlights

Mothr Music focuses primarily on Minimal Techno and Techno genres, always striving for creativity, originality, and freshness rather than conforming to trends. Their philosophy centers on discovering new talents and nurturing them.

Based in Argentina, Mothr initially showcased local artists and touring acts like Nsound, Ian Cris, Luigi Rossi, Insect Elektrika, and Mogo. They’ve also collaborated with notable names such as Hernan Bass, Sascha Ciccopiedi, Brian Gros, and Click Box.

Diego Ferrey’s Releases with Plazma

Diego Ferrey, previously known as MRDIE, has made multiple appearances on Plazma. Under his former alias, he remixed a track for Ian Cris’ EP “Illusion” and had his mix highlighted. As part of the duo Ice Machine, he graced the Plazmatic Sessions once again. Following their split, Diego Ferrey returned to the podcast under his own name and is now awaiting the release of his remix on the upcoming EP by Chris Corner on Plazma.

What’s Next at Mothr Music and Contacts

Looking ahead, Mothr anticipates the release of VA vol2 around mid-2024.

For those interested in joining the label, they’re on the lookout for standout sounds within their style. Reach out at to submit demos.

Mothr Music on Beatport

Plankton Repellent

Story of Plankton Repellent

Launched as a reflection of Planctophob‘s (Nick Matern) sound vision, Plankton Repellent serves as a global platform for talented producers to openly explore their musical creativity.

Faced with ignored emails and lost demos, the imprint was born out of the necessity for artistic freedom. Framed initially in dark minimal, Plankton Repellent quickly expanded into various directions, rooted in Techno, Minimal, and Ambient.

Planctophob | Plazma Records

Philosophy and Highlights

Opposing soulless repetitions, each artist on Plankton Repellent has a unique story to tell, unfolding through constant sound experiments. Every step, artist, sound, and cover art is celebrated as a victory.

True to itself, Plankton Repellent remains dedicated to irregular releases – like accidental flare-ups – warming the ears of hungry connoisseurs and connecting souls, all without expecting anything in return.

Planctophob’s Releases with Plazma

We’ve had a strong relationship with Planctophob since the early days of Plazma. Noteworthy collaborations include his remixes for Mogo‘s “Labyrinth of Drugs” EP, and a remix for Rausch&Metrik‘s “Into Darkness” EP. His debut album, “Existent Place“, featuring four originals, is another highlight. Explore further insights into Planctophob by checking out his interview with us.

  1. 01 Existent (Original Mix) Planctophob
  2. 02 Sad Place (Original Mix) Planctophob
  3. 03 Nonexistent (Original Mix) Planctophob
  4. 04 Reverse Existent (Original Mix) Planctophob

What’s Next at Plankton Repellent and Contacts

The upcoming PPHOB40 release by Nada is a diamond — slow, deep, hypnotic, and uniquely crafted, a gem for audiophiles.

Share your story through your sounds. Contact Plankton Repellent via email ( with a private link to your masterpiece, and the team will be there for you.

Plankton Repellent on Beatport


Story of RUNA

RUNA, conceived by Fabio Florido in 2020 during the pandemic, delves into the deeper realms of Techno, Ambient, and Healing music. It emerged as a platform for self-releasing, free from expectations, to nurture creativity. Fabio Florido’s deep connection with distant cultures and his longstanding relationship with Techno inspired him to open the label, showcasing purpose-driven music.

Fascinatingly, the term ‘Runa’ originates from the Quechua people, inhabitants of the Andean highlands of Peru, whose ancestry dates back to ancient civilizations from around 2000 BC. For them, the stones, mountains, waters, plants, and animals embody a vital force, a spirit, an energy that can reveal itself as emanations from higher or lower worlds. A ‘Runa’ is someone who can perceive these dimensions—a person who harmonizes rationality with animistic understanding.

Fabio Florido | Plazma Records
Fabio Florido

Philosophy and Highlights

According to the label’s philosophy, music possesses the transformative power to heal us on cellular and emotional levels. By creating music with genuine intentions, unconstrained by fleeting trends, we tap into a deeper level of creativity to share with the world. RUNA strives to be a home for this type of creativity.

Music from RUNA has garnered support from acclaimed artists such as Richie Hawtin, DVS1, Dubfire, ANNA, Justine Perry, and Marrøn, among others. Notable artists featured include Amotik, Luigi Tozzi, Arthur Robert, Exos, and Insolate, with ambient tracks even featured on the meditation app Insight Timer.

Fabio Florido’s at Plazma

Back in 2019, we were thrilled to welcome Fabio Florido for a label showcase in London called “Plazmatic“. The venue was transformed into a vibrant green jungle, with hand-picked DJs performing on top-notch Function One sound systems, creating an unforgettable night for all attendees. Later, an hour-long excerpt from Fabio Florido’s live recording at the event was featured on Plazmatic Sessions. Tune in, and immerse yourself in the experience!

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, RUNA’s key goals and aspirations include expanding its reach and serving as a platform to showcase frequencies beneficial for us, spanning both Techno and Ambient genres. Stay tuned for details on their first immersive showcases. More information coming soon!

Image by @runa.vibrations on Instagram

What’s Next at RUNA and Contacts

Exciting new releases are on the horizon, with label owner Fabio Florido dropping new music in March and an exceptional EP from Yoikol slated for release later in the spring.

Aspiring artists can connect with and become part of the label by reaching out via email at, with a focus on meaningful music. No “tool” tracks are accepted.

RUNA on Beatport

Soupherb Records

Story of Soupherb Records

Soupherb Records, helmed by Ash Roy and Calm Chor, with assistance from Folic State in managing the event department, has been a global platform for forward-thinking and experimental music producers for over 11 years.

Frustrated with fitting in and unwilling to compromise their sound, they launched the label in India in 2013. Specializing in Techno, Minimal, and their sub-genres, Soupherb‘s collaborations have taken artists worldwide, hosting tours across Asia and Europe.

Ash Roy and Calm Chor
Ash Roy and Calm Chor

Philosophy and Highlights

Focused on Minimal Techno and Psytechno, they welcome diverse sounds within their spectrum. Their underlying philosophy centers on the quality of production, emphasizing that each track should tell a story.

Featuring artists like Ambivalent, Acid Pauli, Maksim Dark, and more, Soupherb has established itself with releases, EPs, and showcases in India and Europe. Their journey has garnered recognition from Mixmag, Rollin Stone India, and other prestigious music publications.

Folic State’s Releases with Plazma

Folic State, a key figure behind Soupherb, has been prominently featured on Plazma. Apart from his appearances on the Plazmatic Sessions, Folic State showcased his production talent with the remix for Shannon Davin‘s EP “Hildr,” earning acclaim from fellow creators and DJs.


What’s Next at Soupherb Records and Contacts

With releases planned until August 2024, including a special EP collaboration by Ash Roy and Calm Chor, Soupherb Records continues to lead without following trends.

Aspiring artists can connect by sending their tracks to

Soupherb Records on Beatport

Tlaloc Records

Story of Tlaloc Records

Tlaloc Records, led by Arturo Jimenez (Mogo) & Isaías Huitrón, is a Mexico-based label deeply rooted in love and respect for indigenous cultures and the global electronic music scene.

Founded in Mexico City, the label embraces diversity, avoiding specific genres while actively seeking out unique, dark, and innovative music.


Philosophy and Highlights

Tlaloc Records‘ philosophy revolves around promoting new artists, providing an equal platform for all levels of experience, and maintaining gratitude for the support of artists and listeners.

Their overarching goal is to be a foundation for new creators, adapting and growing with the electronic music scene while staying dedicated to supporting their artists’ dreams and goals despite industry challenges.

Mogo’s Releases with Plazma

Since the early days of Plazma, our bond with Mogo has been robust. Notable collaborations include his debut EP, “Labyrinth of Drugs“, launched in 2014, and the comeback EP in 2023 titled “Osmosis“, featuring remixes by Hamandra and Damne. Delve deeper into Mogo’s journey by exploring his interview with us.

  1. 01 Osmosis (Original Mix) Mogo
  2. 02 Osmosis Inversa (Original Mix) Mogo
  3. 03 Osmosis (Damne Remix) Mogo
  4. 04 Osmosis Inversa (Hamandra Remix) Mogo

What’s Next at Tlaloc Records and Contacts

In 2024, they plan a monthly release, marking a return after a two-year hiatus. With doors open for new artists, Tlaloc Records encourages production and offers assistance in technical or marketing matters.

Contact the collective via email ( or via socials like Instagram and Facebook.

Tlaloc Records on Beatport


Story of Wetland

Wetland, born from Damne‘s vision, is a collection of untold stories—modular villages, textured layers of space, rhythms of roads, and the heaviness of the earth. It’s a platform for Damne to release his tracks and unite like-minded individuals for mutual development.

With a predominantly dark and heavy sound, Wetland explores Hypnotic/Drive/Raw Techno without sticking to a specific template.


Philosophy and Aspirations

Wetland values interesting and original ideas, embracing remixes and seeking to expand its reach globally. Despite concerns about meeting on the dance floor due to the country’s situation (Russia), the label garners support from prominent artists.

Wetland‘s goals center on resident concentration and inviting renowned artists into their creative space.

Damne’s Releases with Plazma

Wetland‘s head, Damne, is a close friend of the label. He recently joined the Plazmatic Sessions and, not too long ago, collaborated with Speed Mode on his debut EP, titled “Funk for Punk” featuring remixes from Eme Kulhnek and Dark Saw. Damne also crafted a remix for one of the tracks on Mogo’s EP, “Osmosis” Learn more about Damne’s journey by checking out his interview with us.

  1. 01 Funk for Punk (Original Mix) Damne, Speed Mode
  2. 02 Funk for Punk (Eme Kulhnek Remix) Damne, Speed Mode
  3. 03 Helplessness (Original Mix) Damne, Speed Mode
  4. 04 Helplessness (Dark Saw Remix) Damne, Speed Mode

What’s Next at Wetland and Contacts

Upcoming releases include an EP with remixes from Speed Mode, an LP from Damne, and a compilation in the works.

Creators interested in joining can send demos to

Wetland on Beatport