Co-Owner of the label shares with us his exclusive set as usually every season. This time Ektoplazma has included his forthcoming EP called “Back to Black” (with remixes from Mitod and Qugas) for full presentation. Tune in to hear his minimal journey and latest news from the label.


  1. Hamandra – Shedding (Original Mix)
  2. EktoplazmaTraveling Objects (Original Mix)
  3. EktoplazmaOpal Eye (Qugas Remix)
  4. Verv Mind Warp (Original Mix)
  5. Paul NearyDefect (Original Mix)
  6. Detachment Dub – As They Carry You Home (Original Mix)
  7. Citty & Silhouette – Rubeen (Original Mix)
  8. EktoplazmaTraveling Objects (Mitod Remix)
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