We have special mix and even more special DJ who recorded it. It’s Hamandra – she’s a producer and DJ from Bremen, Germany, She’s also lifetime resident at Plazma Records. 

There is a remix by Hamandra coming out in Spring, most likely end of March. I have heard it and I’m sure it’ll be sitting in tops for many days. The remix is for Mitod’s ‘Orbit’ EP and it will also include Nikki Sigg’s remix alongside. Just last few touches before the mastering phase, so keep an eye on your inbox for promos, and previews on our Soundcloud.



  1. Marco Uson – Dwell In Deep
  2. Artificial Drm, WLM – Vibrasphere (Original_Mix)
  3. Sumiruna – Engulfed (Original Mix)
  4. Hatzler – Obsidian (Original Mix)
  5. Yan Cook – Pauk (Original Mix)
  6. Oliver Huntemann – Nordpol (Original_Mix)
  7. Monococ – Quicksilver (Lewis. Remix)
  8. Möe – Amatista
  9. Emmanuel – Tutan (Original Mix)
  10. Troy – Ceres (Original Mix)
  11. Foreign Material – Of Flesh and Duty (Original Mix)

We got really exciting news. Yesterday I finally met Sarah Lynn from Cologne in person, as she has arrived to Zermatt, Switzerland for Plazma Records and Valais Social joint project – Techno Monday Zermatt. This is four month long event series at Cervo Boutique Mountain resort hotel with an all night long performances by a single DJ. In total of Four months, four DJs and tonight we are hosting the 2nd episode and doors open from 10 PM. If you are not around no need to worry as we’ll share quite a bit of footage from the night.

Thank you guys for tuning in, thanks Hamandra for another unique experience. I’m sure I’ll spin it again in the car, as most of here I believe. And if you missed the show head to our profile on Youtube for full recording, the profile includes the Amavii gig recording from the 1st series I mentioned in the beginning of the show. Worth to watch!

Next week it’s Ektoplazma with his new insights and unpublished releases for an hour. See you same time, same place!

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