In this hour you’ll have a dark and trippy, sometimes pressured but driven experience. First time on the show guest, he comes from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and is known as DJ Odd, or just simply Odd.

As he says himself, he’s a keen student of the sounds of breathtaking labels such as Osgut Ton, Atmophile Electronics, Hypnus. After years digging deep on these influences Odd has found himself in house, progressive, techno music creating mysterious yet groovy dancefloors himself in Kuala Lumpur. Therefore he enriched the region’s night life with international acts like Mark Jackus, Stelios Vassiloudis, Nakadia and much more to name. Odd performs regularly in the regional scene and is known for his dark, deep and strange, or can say odd music stories and experiences.

We are really happy to have him here for you, and discovering him in this huge sea of music is amazing. Thanks to Mauwie! So for the next hour please welcome Odd from Kuala Lumpur with his exclusive guest mix for Plazma Records podcast series. Enjoy.


Just heads up guys,  on Plazma we have a lot of exciting things happening. Hopefully, no one will decide to shut down the planet again, but on the 14th of February for sure we are having Plazma Records Showcase with Sarah Lynn in partnership with Valais Social and Wolfgang Store.

We are coming close to an end of the season, just left with three more weeks and we’ll turn over to Spring. There will be an NFT release on the blockchain called ‘Black on Black’ by Plazma Records – a Various Artist compilation, it’s all about discovering so we’ll see how it ends up. The cover looks great though!

And also spring is bringing a new EP called Orbit, produced by Mitod and remixed by Hamandra and Nikki Sig. Can’t wait for the masters myself, but Spring is looking promising.

Thanks again for Odd and his music selection. Thank you for tuning in and see you same time, same place next week with our co-founder and resident Ektoplazma.

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