In the pursuit of both musical excellence and life’s journey, he adheres to the values of discipline, regularity, honesty, and the encouragement of warmth.

It began as a delightful pastime at intimate gatherings with friends, gradually transforming into a profound passion. Despite briefly setting music aside while indulging his wanderlust, the irresistible allure pulled him back. After all, Heist-79 immersed himself in music production, committing a minimum of four hours daily to the studio. Astonishingly, just seven months later, he achieved a significant milestone – his first signing with Suro Records.

Initially drawn to Peak-Time Techno, Heist-79’s musical focus has shifted to Hypnotic/Hardgroove, although Peak-Time will always have its place. Proudly part of Cosmic Academy, he’s currently exploring percussion sounds, with some Peak-Time tracks awaiting release.