Music evokes feelings that language alone cannot. It touches the mind and the heart while revitalizing the spirit. Music is a language of love. Music can change lives. Music can heal. Music is universal and can cross the boundaries of language, culture, ethnicity, and generations.

During these unprecedented times, creativity can give artists purpose, comfort, and a solid sense of direction. Music Producers are just one of the countless groups of people seeing their lives completely altered during the COVID-19 crisis. Embracing creativity during this time can make some of our lives better in a more meaningful way. Creativity enriches our lives in profound ways during normal circumstances and many of us are working harder than ever to latch on to creativity as a lifeline during the pandemic. While the world around us might be changing, it doesn’t mean our connection with music has to as well.

Having goals and deadlines during normal circumstances is normal. But it might be a good idea to ease up on the typical pressures and expectations that drive your creativity for the time being. Never force it. If you are feeling inspired and motivated to keep producing – do it! If you are not, that’s ok, we can all use some extra time to focus on other aspects of our lives. Music will always be there for you right at the moment you are ready.

At Dark Star Audio we have seen a massive increase in producer output during the crisis and we continue to celebrate everyone’s success with an even greater level of excitement than ever before. We look forward to the times ahead and remain positive as we enter a world of new normals.