Continuing our interview series, we are thrilled to bring you an intriguing installment featuring Christopher Ecke, better known as Chris Corner. Emerging as one of our recently introduced artists, Chris is a dynamic DJ and aspiring music producer hailing from Germany.

In 2006, Chris started producing tracks initially for live performances at his HomeClub and for the sheer enjoyment of it. However, since 2020, he has taken a leap by releasing his first tracks to the public. His sonic exploration spans techno, tech/house, dark progressive/psy-techno, and experimental genres. Additionally, Chris serves as the Content Manager at DHRK-SONIK Radio, where he curates and shares captivating sounds.

We had the privilege of unveiling Chris Corner’s album, “Alien Talk About“, a remarkable testament to the nostalgic essence of classic Minimal Techno. Through this interview, we delve into the captivating details behind the creation of his debut album for our label, gaining insights into his personal life, the challenges he has encountered, and his extensive journey as a DJ. Keep reading to immerse yourself in the enthralling world of Chris Corner!

To begin with, what is your full name, age, and where are you from?

I am Christopher Ecke, 41 years old, from a small town in Northern Brandenburg, Germany.

Where are you now, mentally or physically, and what is outside the window?

I’m at home, and outside the windows, I can see my two dogs and a big field, where you can land a spaceship at night…

How did you find music production in your life?

“It just happened… It all started with the first edition of MusikMaker for the PlayStation. Haha!

Can you name a movement or people who pushed you to where you are now?

Radio DHRK-SONiK has greatly influenced my path, but I’m still reflecting and feeling like I haven’t achieved that much.

Is Chris Corner your true name? If not, what is the meaning of it (or how did you come up with it)?

Yes, it’s my shortened first name and the last name translated from German to English.

What did you want to be as a child?

I wanted to be an astronaut.

What aspects of Minimal and Techno do you find so fascinating?

The most fascinating aspect of Minimal Techno, for me, is the incredibly powerful kick-bass and snare that compel the body to twitch!

How would you describe your production and DJing styles?

I usually play my DJ set spontaneously, with minimal preparation. I enjoy playing a diverse range of styles and often blend them together.

When it comes to producing, my primary focus is ensuring that a track remains engaging and captivating even after listening to it countless times. The true art and aspiration for myself and others lie in creating timeless tracks that stand the test of time.

Try to imagine. If you had never discovered music, what would you be doing today?

I have no plan… I can’t even imagine! Maybe something completely unexpected like being a Pornstar! Haha!

Aside from music, what do you like to do in your free time?

Free time? What’s that???

Creating music feels like work, just like any other job, especially sitting in front of a screen… It can be exhausting.

But when I give my brain a break, you’ll usually find me in the woods or by one of the many lakes, enjoying the company of my dogs. I also enjoy going for bike rides.

Tell us about your city. What kind of music scene does it have?

The music scene in my small city isn’t large, but among the few people involved, many are familiar with my music.

What does your typical week usually look like?

As a self-employed individual working solo, each week and every day brings forth a unique and distinct experience.

What does music mean to you, and how has it evolved since the beginning?

Music holds significant meaning for me—it helps me escape the constraints of time, stress, and everyday life.

The process of producing music has become more accessible compared to two decades ago. However, establishing oneself in the industry is increasingly challenging, and breaking away from the crowd feels nearly impossible.

Can you tell us about your DJ debut? Where did it happen and how did it unfold?

My first gig, if I recall correctly, was around 2004 or 2005 at Treibhaus Glöwen in Germany, which was my home base club for many years.

What is the biggest challenge or sacrifice you have made or have to make in doing what you do?

The most substantial challenge I’ve faced is the impact on my hearing. Prior to the pandemic, I experienced a sudden loss of hearing, resulting in six months of persistent noise in my left ear. Thankfully, the noise has subsided. However, I can now only hear low frequencies, making the task of mixing tracks quite challenging.

How do you prepare before a gig? How much space do you leave for improvisation in your sets?

Every set I perform is centered around improvisation. I don’t set cue points, turn off synchronization, and switch on Vinyl mode, leaving ample space for spontaneous creativity during my sets.

What is your standard or most preferred technical setup for the performance?

Pioneer XDJ XZ for DJing.

What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you heard it?

Big Boys by Anthony Rother.

Name three new artists you recently discovered!

Paracozm, Neuronod and Schwarm.

Looking back at the pandemic period, do you have any special moments, personally or professionally, that have impacted you?

During this time, I had the opportunity to release my first tracks. The ample time I had during the lockdown allowed me to focus on my music. It makes me wonder if these milestones would have occurred without the pandemic. I find it hard to believe.

The world pandemic. In your mind, how did it influence the music scene up until this day? What will happen in the coming years?

Personally, I have faced financial hardships due to the pandemic. I had invested in technology just before everything came to a halt, leaving it unused for three years. Many individuals in the industry were struggling. In my opinion, we may witness the disappearance of some, while new talents emerge to fill the void in the coming years.

Chris, so this is your your first release on Plazma Records. Would you like to share your inspiration behind the new release, how long did it take you to produce it?

Typically, I work on multiple tracks simultaneously. However, things progressed swiftly with these two. They were the first pieces I worked on in the studio after the summer break, and I quickly found myself immersed in the creative flow.

  1. 01 Chris Corner - Alien Talk About (Original Mix) Chris Corner - Alien Talk About EP
  2. 02 Chris Corner - Panspermie (Original Mix) Chris Corner - Alien Talk About EP
  3. 03 Chris Corner - Alien Talk About (Ian Cris Remix) Chris Corner - Alien Talk About EP
  4. 04 Chris Corner - Panspermie (Alex Tsak Remix) Chris Corner - Alien Talk About EP
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