Welcome to another exciting feature on the PlazMag! Today, we have the pleasure of introducing you to a remarkable female DJ duo who are not only making waves in the electronic music scene but are also dazzling audiences as influential models. Meet Andrea and Patricia, the talented sisters from Macedonia who form a DJ duo, The Geors.

At first glance, you might be captivated by their stunning looks and undeniable charm, as they effortlessly grace the pages of fashion magazines and dominate social media feeds. However, let us assure you that The Geors are more than just pretty faces. With a fathomless passion for electronic music, these artistic twins have quickly risen through the ranks, showcasing their talent on renowned stages across the globe.

From an enthralling set at the famous Sentio Club in Kosovo to an electrifying show at the esteemed Aigli Geni Hamam club in Greece, where they set the stage for the groundbreaking “Escape” events, The Geors continue to make waves in the world of Melodic / Deep / Progressive Techno. Notable highlights include hosting the exclusive opening of Artisti Don Bosko and gracing the premiere of the prestigious World’s Miss Globe event, where they shared their signature sound with the international contestants gathered in Tirana, Albania.

As models, they have effortlessly embraced the world of fashion, bringing their unique sense of style and poise to the forefront. Yet, it is their magnetic connection with the music that remains at the core of their creative journey. Blending their passion for music and fashion, they create an engrossing fusion that resonates deeply with their audience, gripping both the ears and the eyes.

Join us as we delve into the world of The Geors in an exclusive interview that unravels their inspirations, aspirations, and discover the boundless potential that Andrea and Patricia bring to the table.

To start, could you kindly provide us with your full name, age, and place of origin?

We are Patricija Geor and Andrea Geor, both 20 years old, and hailing from Macedonia.

What career aspirations did you have when you were young?

Since we were very young, we have been immersed in the world of music. At the age of 6, we began attending music school and learning to play the piano. As a result, we have always envisioned ourselves in the music industry, although not necessarily as a DJ duo from the beginning.

Do you solely focus on music as your occupation, or do you engage in any other professions or careers alongside it? Moreover, how do you prefer to relax and enjoy your free time when you are not committed to work?

Apart from being DJs, we are also involved in music production and modelling. While performing on stage and playing music for our beloved crowd remains our ultimate passion, we also appreciate moments of relaxation and leisure outside of our professional commitments.

Can you identify any influential movements or individuals who have played a significant role in shaping your journey to where you are today?

Throughout our journey, we have always relied on the united force between the two of us, propelling us forward without external pushes. However, we are grateful for the support and guidance we have received from numerous people who have shown us the true essence of kindness and love, leaving a lasting impact on our lives.

Imagine for a moment that you had never discovered music. What path do you think you would be on today?

It isn’t easy to envision life without music, as it encompasses our work and our entire being. However, if we were not pursuing a career in music, we might have found ourselves immersed in the world of painting and visual arts. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that we would still be drawn to the realm of art in some capacity.

As twins who share a profound bond and creative journey, how do you navigate any creative disagreements or differences in musical preferences that may arise? How do you strike a balance between maintaining your individual artistic identities while also collaborating seamlessly as a cohesive unit?

We love this question! Despite our strong similarities both externally and internally, we do encounter some differences, particularly when it comes to music production. Variations in styles, especially in melodies, can arise. However, we usually quickly reach a consensus, ensuring that we make the most out of the situation without causing any harm to our collaboration.

Could you share the story of your journey as DJs? How did you initially venture into this field, and what factors influenced your decision to pursue Electronic Music and specifically Progressive/Melodic Techno?

Our journey as DJs began in an unexpectedly spontaneous manner. We wholeheartedly embraced the process without any hesitation, and it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to us. Before long, we found ourselves performing on stages in different countries and embarking on international travels. As for our musical preferences, we have always been captivated by the sounds of electronic music, particularly progressive and melodic techno. Actively following the finest talents in this genre has guided us in the studio, sparking our creativity and prompting us to explore new horizons.

What is your typical preparation routine before a gig? 

Before a gig, our preparation usually involves playing music in our own space, practising mixing techniques, and fine-tuning various aspects such as the tempo (bpm) and other key elements. We take great care in curating our music selection, as our niche is quite specific and it requires not only being heard but also understood by the audience.

Macedonia boasts a vibrant history and a diverse music scene. Have you drawn inspiration from any local artists or traditional musical elements that have left an impact on your sound and performance? 

We have great affection for our home country and its unique vibe. While we appreciate traditional music, we must admit that it is not closely connected to our specific niche. Although traditional music carries its own captivating energy, it hasn’t directly influenced our own musical style.

From your perspective, what are the key elements that contribute to a DJ set being memorable and leaving a lasting impact on the audience? 

In our opinion, while music selection and skilful mixing are undoubtedly crucial for creating an unforgettable experience, we firmly believe that the energy we transmit is equally significant in leaving a lasting impact on our audience. The connection we establish with the crowd and the energy we bring to the performance play a vital role in creating a memorable and transformative atmosphere.

Do you integrate storytelling into your performances, and are there any particular narratives or themes that you like to explore?

We are currently working on our latest project, “Gemini,” which revolves around the concept of Tribalism. It will feature a compelling narrative that you will have the opportunity to recognize and explore during the Premiere Night. We hope that you will thoroughly enjoy the experience and resonate with the messages conveyed through our performance.

Visual aesthetics hold immense importance in the electronic music scene. Do you integrate visual elements, such as stage design and lighting, into your live performances to enrich the overall experience for your audience?

Certainly! Visual arts play a pivotal role in shaping the entire event and transforming the way the audience perceives the music. We actively incorporate visual elements into our performances, utilizing stage design, lighting, and other visual components to create an immersive and captivating experience. Additionally, we have plans to introduce further elements in the near future, expanding the visual dimensions of our shows.

In your pursuit of music, what is the most significant sacrifice you have had to make or continue to make?

That’s an intriguing question. If we were to highlight a sacrifice, it would be the prolonged periods of time spent away from our family. It is undoubtedly the most significant and only sacrifice we can pinpoint. As for other inconveniences or challenges that come our way, we view them more as choices and directions we consciously opt for, rather than sacrifices. These obstacles contribute to our growth and commitment to our purpose, ultimately enriching our journey in music.

What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you heard it?

The one and only Children, by Robert Milles. Never ageing.

In an industry that can sometimes prioritize conformity and commercialization, how do you uphold your authenticity and artistic integrity?

Throughout our journey, we have encountered numerous instances where individuals from different music genres have urged us to alter our musical direction in order to achieve rapid mainstream success. While this proposition may seem tempting, it is simply not who we are.

We consciously choose to stay true to ourselves, embracing our unique identity and artistic vision. Our commitment to remaining authentic, regardless of external pressures, is unwavering. We firmly believe in staying true to who we are and what we do, irrespective of the prevailing environment.

Do you perceive raves as having the potential to transcend into spiritual experiences? Have you personally encountered any transformative moments within the context of raves that made you view them as more than just parties?

Absolutely! We firmly believe that every individual possesses a “raver” side within them. This side awakens when we allow the music to envelop us, regardless of who is beside us, in front of us, or behind us. It is during these moments that we experience a profound connection, and the environment becomes secondary to our personal journey.

This realization reinforces the notion that as long as we remain true to ourselves, the environment becomes a canvas for our authentic expression, without the need for masks or pretences. Raves, in this sense, transcend mere parties and can become powerful spiritual experiences.

As ambassadors of the Progressive/Melodic Techno genre, how do you perceive its evolution and its position within the current electronic music landscape?

The Progressive/Melodic Techno genre is thriving in the present moment like never before. What brings us immense joy is witnessing the growing audience and their profound appreciation for this style of music. People embrace it as a form of art, deriving pure enjoyment and creating cherished memories through its alluring melodies.

While there has already been significant evolution within the genre, we firmly believe that its influence will continue to expand and resonate even more with time, as new generations discover and connect with the artistic expression it offers.

As young female DJs in an industry historically dominated by males, you must have encountered unique challenges and opportunities. How do you navigate these dynamics?

While the industry has been traditionally male-dominated, we are delighted to witness a shift where the number of female DJs and producers is steadily increasing. We can proudly say that more and more talented female artists are gracing the stage.

Being young often means lacking experience, which presents its own set of challenges, particularly in the early stages of one’s career. However, youth also brings abundant energy, enthusiasm, and positivity that can propel you through any obstacle and illuminate your journey.

As DJs and performers, what are your goals and aspirations? Where do you envision your music and career heading in the future?

We believe in the power of living in the present moment, cherishing the opportunities that unfold before us. While we do have goals and aspirations, we approach them by focusing on accomplishing smaller milestones each day. We understand the importance of making every minute count and ensuring that our actions contribute to our growth and value as artists.

As for the future, we strive to continue refining our skills, exploring new musical territories, and connecting with our audience on a deeper level. While we may have a vision, we are open to the surprises and possibilities that the future holds.

Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations that you’re excited to share with your fans and audience?

We have a multitude of exciting projects lined up for this summer, and one in particular that we can’t wait to share is the 10th Anniversary of World Club Dome, happening on 9th, 10th, and 11th June in Frankfurt, Germany. This event holds a special place in our hearts, and we are thrilled to be a part of it. We invite all our fans and audience to join us in this unforgettable celebration of music and culture. We look forward to seeing you there, creating magical moments together on the dance floor!