There was a time when vinyl records were ruling an underground club scene. There was a time when house and techno music staged live by authentic DJs used to sound purely and naturally rich, like a live concert capturing the full range of sound waves, including its subtle details and nuances, with its massively dynamic bassline, warm highs, and middle frequencies. 

DeeperLX, a young adult in that period, was lucky to hang out in Zürich, Switzerland where the underground movement and the scene represented a mainstream, and the proper club culture epitomized a ritual of community life.

It was there in the town in the late 90s where he began to go around the vinyl stores, to join the society, and to collect the records. It was there during the days when he made his first live DJ gig at the awesome Streetparade.

As time passed by, DeeperLX honed his skills and curated his craft of mixing records, continuously using vinyl and Technics turntables as musical instruments focusing on the creation of highly processed mixes.

Nowadays, when almost all newcomers are using simple digital files and players to perform music live and many of the previous time’s proper DJs have switched to the digital way to “make their lives easier”, DeeperLX still and will always be carrying and using the proper analog medium – the vinyl.

He physically interacts with the records, placing the needle on the groove, and manipulating the speed and pitch by hand for his performances. This tangible interaction with the music creates a sense of intimacy and connection with the performance, adding to the nostalgic appeal.

With vinyl, as he’s pretty much sure, he can beat any of the track’s digital imitations and set up high values on top-quality sound to bring the audience who deserve it to another dimension.

To showcase his devotion, his latest act illustrates this all-vinyl DJ set, shot and recorded live at the Sunrise of Dubai city. The session is recorded in real-time on 2 decks and a mixer fully filled up with the total content of 21 tracks-vinyls, and includes some records and remixes of Zürich sound from the young DeeperLX’s era.

The 89 minutes of sophisticated house and techno mixes mirror his unique DJ skills of vinyl records combination at the sun and nature ritual in front of the panoramic city view and Arabian gulf. Ladies & Gentlemen, let us take you on a tour of a 12-inch, yes, a 12-inch!

Interview with DeeperLX

Eager to establish a closer connection and delve into his perspectives on the music industry, we’ve crafted a set of questions. Keep reading to gain insights into his world!

Let’s start with the meaning behind “DeeperLX,” your age, and your place of origin.

The symbol LX, according to science, stands for lighting and illumination. DeeperLX represents a deeper manifestation of those phenomena.

As for age, it’s merely a number in constant flux. I prefer to identify with being born in the Year of the Snake, 1977. And as I frequently tell those who inquire, I consider myself a citizen of the undivided Planet Earth.

DeeperLX, take us back to the days when you first started collecting vinyl records in Zürich. What drove you to explore the vinyl stores and join the music society?

It was the medium itself; the vinyl, its underground club music sound, house & techno culture.

I remember when I first started to visit Club Oxa in Zürich at that time, I was so excited by that deeply underground concept, those two floors, trance-techno, and house.

That place was awesome, unlike anything I had ever seen before, and had a unique atmosphere like a spiritual ritual venue. Candles lit around, top-quality music decorated by the warm, massive sound of the vinyl, and all the people, including staff, were just living in the moment and enjoying the DJ acts and the ambiance so much.

The music played there was not possible to find anywhere else commercially except on vinyl at the stores. However, you could get live-recorded DJ sets of the previous events on cassette, later on CD, at the club’s reception. Still today, I collect the records released at that time, and some of them appear on Sunrise’s set.

How did your first live DJ gig at Streetparade shape your musical journey and approach to music? Can you share the story of securing that spot and the impact it had on your artistic development?

Together with my friend in Zürich, we wanted to experience one of the biggest outdoor events in Europe. We set up our stage in Niederdorf, arranged the turntables with mixer and speakers, and mixed ambient techno and underground deep house tunes during the day’s party.

Other stages in the area were playing trance tunes since the mainstream of the Streetparade is about trance music. Presenting a different genre, we attracted a special crowd to our stage that stayed with us until late evening, and our concept and performance were highly appreciated.

From that beginning to today, techno and house remain DeeperLX’s favorite genres of electronic music. Depending on the time of day or night, a selection of sub-genres suits the occasion.

You mentioned beating digital imitations with vinyl and setting high values on top-quality sound. Can you elaborate on the specific qualities of vinyl that, in your view, elevate the listening experience for your audience?

It is very simple. Vinyl, compared to digital processes, offers an analog sound transfer, akin to when a guitarist plays live at a concert, producing that beautiful, massive sound.

The sound from a vinyl record boasts a much more dynamic bassline, which I call “the massage”, along with warmly textured middle and high frequencies, avoiding the aggressive tones often associated with digital transfer.

This is why, when the audience experiences vinyl DJs, they are treated to a sound reminiscent of a live concert.

IbizaEliteElement, the ritual performance platform you created, appears to be a unique concept. What inspired its inception? Could you share insights into the creative process and vision behind this multi-disciplinary project?

Since being based in Ibiza years ago, I have cultivated a community of performers and dancers from the island’s leading clubs. I also participate in sunset rituals with bongo players on Benirras beach. IbizaEliteElement embodies the fusion of dancers and live instruments within vinyl DJ sets.

In this mode, we organize and manage private parties at hidden and exclusive villas, fully equipped for such events on the island.

Once, I aimed to showcase the IbizaEliteElement project through proper production. With my collaborator, 6thSense, a native Ibizan and the island’s top producing talent, we recorded the track “Island Eye” along with other tracks from the album “Software of Planet Earth” at Astarte Recordings studio.

Choosing an exclusive location for the official music video shoot was next, with the tower on the north side, built in 1763 to protect the island from pirate attacks, serving as the ideal backdrop.

IbizaEliteElement’s designers crafted specific costumes, and the “Island Eye” video was successfully produced.

To elevate the track and video, I penned the lyrics and sought out a singer with a dynamic voice, finding one in Dubai-based singer Kati M during a DJ set in the city. This transformed the tune into a regular song for a wider audience.

IbizaEliteElement feat. Kati M – “Island Eye” received two nominations at the 2022 Musivv Awards, Dubai, for collaboration and music video of the year. Following the nominations, Kati M and I were invited to Dubai One TV to perform “Island Eye” live.

The all-vinyl DJ set recorded in Dubai showcases your dedication. What inspired the choice of location, and how did the surroundings influence the selection of tracks and the overall atmosphere?

After completing the vocal recording for “Island Eye” at Gad Music studio, Dubai became my new hotspot for production and evolution.

The cosmopolitan city fascinates me with its high quality of life, multicultural diversity, pleasant atmosphere, and friendly locals. It offers numerous opportunities for artistic growth.

The idea of “Sunrise,” a live-recorded vinyl DJ set, emerged well before the actual shooting. I transported all the equipment from Ibiza, including Technics turntables, a mixer, and my case loaded with over 100 vinyl records from my collection spanning over 20 years. These items were also used for the shooting of “Island Eye”.

I envisioned enjoying the entire performance as another ritual at one of Dubai’s stunning locations and spent weeks searching for the perfect spot. Eventually, I found it at the canal flowing into the sea, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the city.

Setting up the equipment, table, speakers, generator, lights, and cameras was a considerable task, totaling almost 200 kg.

We began the shooting/audio recording at 6 am and continued for 90 minutes. The selection of records was based on taste, starting with melodies and rhythms to welcome the new day. As the sun rose, we transitioned to groovy tunes and gradually increased the energy until the outro.

The music tracks were carefully chosen to complement the unique location, featuring exclusively vinyl releases – the records I like to collect – offering an extraordinary sound experience that surprises and delights the audience.

What’s a standout and emotionally charged moment or experience from your live performances in picturesque locations like Dubai that remains exceptionally memorable for you?

Coincidentally, on the way to the location, I heard a radio report about an earthquake, which I interpreted as a sign of the right moment for an energetic performance.

While DJing, I was hypnotized by the changing colors of the day, harmonized by the sea level, and by birds flying around. I was then energized by the dawning and the first rays of the sun hitting the turntables and the vinyl records.

How do you stay inspired and avoid creative burnout? Do you have specific practices or routines that help you stay connected to your passion?

Collecting vinyl records is a very specific practice and routine for DeeperLX. To refresh the collection, I search for special music, preferably only vinyl releases, to perform unique DJ gigs.

Inspiration for production often arises from daily routines. Everything happens for a reason, and one simply needs to recognize the opportunities that present themselves. Having been immersed in music since childhood, exposure to different genres has helped shape my particular craft.

To recharge creative energy through meditation, I seek out places where I can be completely alone, listening to the sounds of nature while enjoying sun or moon rituals, or simply gazing at the stars and the galaxy in the night sky.

In today’s digital age, aspiring DJs often face a multitude of options for music production and performance. What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the industry to find their unique voice and style?

My advice would be to exercise patience in discovering your unique voice and style.

When it comes to production, pay close attention to the events unfolding around you and express them to the world through your music.

As for performance, I believe there’s something truly special about the sophisticated and tactile nature of vinyl DJing, as exemplified by DeeperLX.

The warm, rich audio quality that vinyl records provide, coupled with the intricate skill required to manipulate and mix them, fosters a profound connection to the music. The meticulous process of selecting tracks also leads to a deep understanding of the music and a strong bond with your most treasured vinyl collection.

How do you think can aspiring DJs maintain their unique identity and artistic integrity while adapting to the ever-changing trends in electronic music?

Keeping your unique identity and artistic integrity intact is super important for long-term success and personal satisfaction. To strike that balance, focus on the basics of your craft and explore music and styles that really resonate with you.

It’s also key to build a solid connection with your audience. Sharing your creative journey, your values, and the stories behind your music can help you build a loyal fanbase that values authenticity and individuality.

In the end, thriving in the industry means having an open mindset to growth, staying true to your passions, and always working on improving your skills. By doing that, you can make a real impact while staying true to yourself.

Reflecting on your musical journey, are there specific challenges you faced that you believe aspiring DJs should be aware of, and how did you overcome them to reach where you are today?

In the era when digital ‘DJing’ emerged, many real DJs switched from vinyl to digital formats to simplify and save money. In DeeperLX’s experience, these new technologies didn’t necessarily enhance the music. It was a challenge to keep the authenticity of the instruments alive and stay true to oneself.

Lastly, DeeperLX, your future in the forefront of House, Techno, and Dance music seems promising. What vision or changes do you hope to see in the music industry, and how do you plan to contribute to its continued evolution?

I’d love to see a resurgence of real vinyl DJs, with turntables reclaiming their place in DJ booths across venues. My hope is for a revival of the proper underground scene and club culture, drawing in an educated audience who appreciate the unique and amazing sound of music rituals. DeeperLX is here to make that happen!