In Today’s Episode #570: B-XLEVEN

Originating from Italy and presently residing in India, B-XLEVEN is an aural architect crafting intense and evocative musical experiences with bold and unapologetic dedication. Navigating challenges with determination, he envisions opportunities for global growth in both his roles as an event organizer and music producer.

B-XLEVEN’s passion for the darker side of techno, experimental, hardstyle, and IDM is evident in every track he creates and every set he curates. His music invites you on a quest into the shadows, reflecting a unique and powerful personality that embraces the brutality and mystique of his sound. This music set for Plazma is no exception.

Embrace the intensity. Tune in to B-XLEVEN’s mix and experience a journey into the darkest and most mystical domains. Don’t miss our exclusive interview, where we unravel the essence of this passionate artist called B-XLEVEN.