Introducing B-XLEVEN: An artist whose origin traces back to Italy but now finds his creative dwelling in India. Beyond his formal training as an architect, he crafts architectural masterpieces in structures and the sphere of music. B-XLEVEN intricately creates intense and evocative musical experiences, spanning music production, DJing, and event organizing. Navigating challenges with determination, B-XLEVEN envisions growth on a global scale.

His musical palette delves into the darker side of techno, experimental, hardstyle, and IDM. Each track is a quest into the shadows, a reflection of a unique personality that embraces the brutality and mystique of his sound. With his bold and unapologetic dedication to his craft, B-XLEVEN will for sure leave a mark on the global electronic music landscape.

Embrace the intensity. Dive into our exclusive interview with B-XLEVEN on our blog, where we unveil the compelling story behind B-XLEVEN’s aural adventures. Explore the influences that fuel his creativity, and gain insights into the challenges he’s triumphed over as an artist. Plus, don’t miss the chance to tune in to his exclusive music set, specially recorded for this occasion.

To start off, could you please provide your full name, age, and place of origin?

Aravind Balaji, 27 years old. I was born in Italy, but I am currently living in India after being disowned and adopted.

As a child, what career aspirations did you have?

I aspired to be a trillionaire or a billionaire.

Is music your sole occupation, or do you have another profession or career that you pursue in tandem? Additionally, how do you like to relax and spend your leisure time when you’re not occupied with work?

I work as an Event Organizer and hold a degree in architecture. I’m also an artist, specializing in fine art, particularly sketching, and more.

In my free time, I prefer to go on vacations to islands, enjoying the beach, good music, and a pleasant ambience.

How did you get involved in event organizing, and how does it complement your artistic pursuits?

I initiated my foray into event organizing at the age of 16, receiving guidance and support from industry professionals. What began as small gatherings for pocket money evolved organically, progressing from private parties to events, and eventually expanding into small concerts and festivals. This venture has had a significant impact on my music career as well.

Can you tell us about your journey as a music producer? How did you get started and what / who drew you to the electronic music?

My fascination with techno and electronic music began at a young age, almost by default, perhaps owing to my unique disposition. Simultaneously, my involvement in organizing events from an early age meant that I grew up with music constantly by my side.

Numerous artists have inspired me, with favorites such as Nikolay Georgiev, I Hate Models, Otin, SNTS, Headless Horseman, 999999999, Tommy Four Seven, and many more – the list is extensive.

Additionally, my exploration goes beyond the techno scene, spanning artists like Magma Ohm, Mandragora, Troyboi, Soundsnobz, Skrillex, David Guetta, Asadi, Yellow Claw, Bro Safari, Pruga P, and others. My eclectic taste spans various genres, as I find inspiration from a multitude of artists, aiming to reciprocate that inspiration to many others in return.

What initially inspired you to delve into the world of dark techno, experimental, hardstyle, and IDM?

The bass, high intensity, and hardcore energy I experience every time I hear the beat, regardless of the genre. It’s something I find challenging to explain but believe one must experience to truly understand and feel the essence.

How do you feel your creative process is influenced by the broader cultural context, and are there specific elements that you integrate into your music to create a unique sonic identity?

My creative process involves occasional sampling of local sounds and beats. While my music is not directly shaped by my Indian heritage and culture, I strive to infuse diverse elements into my sound, drawing from a range of perspectives and creative influences.

How does your connection with spiritual concepts deeply rooted in Indian culture influence the creative process behind your music?

My spiritual exploration draws inspiration from various facets of Indian spirituality, encompassing symbolic representations and philosophical concepts. There’s a deep appreciation for certain archetypes, resonating with the concepts of strength and transformation, and a fascination with metaphorical aspects that align with cosmic forces.

Do you infuse storytelling elements into your music productions? Are there particular narratives or themes you enjoy exploring?

Absolutely, my music revolves around various themes, treating each track as a unique story. I aim to maintain an intense, hardcore, and suspenseful atmosphere. Additionally, I enjoy playing with bass and experimenting with beats to craft compelling and energetic compositions.

Do you resonate with the perspective that the darker aspects of music represent a journey into the shadows or the subconscious? How does this perspective manifest in your work?

I didn’t adopt the dark, I was born with it. It comes naturally to me, and as a result, most of my tracks carry a dark and intense vibe. Many describe my music as brutal and dark. Whether people dislike it or love it, I take it as a compliment. It’s the style I appreciate and enjoy.

How does your music translate into the design and aesthetics of your merchandise?

I personally designed the merchandise to align with the same dark, mystic, and hardcore vibe present in my music.

What challenges have you faced in the music and event industry, particularly as someone producing niche genres in India?

Navigating the industry has been challenging, given that my genre is dark, exotic, and unique. The listener base is relatively small here, but with the privilege of distributing my music worldwide, there’s a gradual growth in my audience and fan base.

On those challenging days that everyone experiences, how do you maintain creative motivation?

I persistently hustle and grind, putting in the work every single day.

Have you had to make any significant sacrifices in pursuing your passion for music, and if so, what are they?

Yes, I’ve made several sacrifices, primarily in terms of time and energy.

What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you heard it?

B-XLEVEN – Hard Gore holds a special place for me as my musical journey began with this track. You can find the video on YouTube, with credits to Diablo IV and Mortal Kombat video games. It’s one of my brutal tracks—give it a listen!

Can you share the techniques or instruments integral to your production that contribute to your distinctive sound and style?

I utilize various samples, plugins, and synths, including some I’ve created myself. My primary tools include FL Studio, Traktor Pro, Record Box, and other applications.

For mixes, I rely on Pioneer turntables and a mixer.

What advice would you give to aspiring music producers and DJs? Are there any key lessons or insights you’ve gained from your own experiences?

Simply go for it—no one is stopping you. Pursue what you love, ignore the haters, and make the most out of this one life you have.

What are your goals and aspirations as an artist? Where do you see yourself and your music heading in the future?

As I’m getting older, and at 27 years old already, the mindset is to go big or go home. There’s no room for excuses. My ultimate goal is to become one of the biggest event organizers and music producers in the world.

Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations that you’re excited about and would like to share with your fans and the audience?

Stay tuned for updates on big concerts and festivals coming up – an experience of high-intensity non-stop energy, brought to you exclusively by B-XLEVEN!

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