Originating in the late 1980s, Eurodance (also known as Euro-NRG, Euro-electronica or Euro Techno) remains a nostalgic electronic dance music genre for many who experienced its heyday. Loved for its infectious energy and memorable hooks, Euro Techno began losing popularity in the late 1990s but left an enduring legacy, influencing subsequent dance music styles.

Enter EURO NRG, a label that sought to revitalize the 90s and 00s beats with a modern twist. Dedicated to preserving the golden age of dance and techno while pushing sound quality boundaries, EURO NRG curates auditory experiences that harmoniously bridge past and present.

EURO NRG introduces their emerging talent, The Mastermind Project, who is unveiling his latest EP ‘The Master in Mind’. Infused with the vibrant vibes discussed earlier, this release resurrects the vintage energy of Euro-electronica, capturing the essence of the old-school era.

Now, a quick interview with The Mastermind Project himself. Delve into the man behind the music and the conception of ‘The Master in Mind’.

What made you dive deep into the techno vibes and spin those decks?

The first time techno hit my ears? Man, it was like a caffeine rush but better! I was all in, 24/7. Rocking those UFO pants, neoprene suits, and that spiky ‘do – I was the OG raver. And the unity vibes from the 90s to early 2000s? Pure magnetic pull!

So, why the alies “The Mastermind Project”?

When your brain’s on fire and your gut’s feeling the groove, that’s when the real music magic happens, right? From the mastery of consciousness in combination with inner intuition, music is born.

How’s the techno scene in Germany changed since you first jumped in?

Up north, where I hail from, it’s been wild. Back in the day, it was all techno, hardtrance, and hardcore. Now? Everyone’s vibing to goa/psytrance. And styles today? They’re like a smoothie – all mixed up. Miss the old days when each sound had its own soul.

Raves = Freedom. How do we keep that alive today?

Bring back the old-school energy! Let’s get festivals like Loveparade and G Move back on the streets. And hey, less of the “look at me” vibes, more of the “let’s party hard together” feels. What do you think?

Any other hard-hitting genres you’re into?

Hardcore, hardstyle, acid, hardtrance – they all have a special place in my heart.

Which DAW gets the Mastermind stamp of approval?

Logic Pro. It’s like the perfect pair of jeans – fits just right and feels awesome.

Fave synth or plugin?

Spire’s my jam! And Sylenth 1. Absolute banger. Spire just gets me, you know?

Got a track or set that’s legendary for you?

DJ Networx 14. Hands down, techno’s crown jewel. Bought that CD four times ’cause peeps kept swiping it at parties. If that doesn’t scream “legend”, I don’t know what does!

Why the love for old-school sounds?

That era? It’s when I fell head over heels for techno. The music had soul, and for me, it was techno’s golden age.

What’s the inspiration behind your latest track?

You know those random thoughts you get at 3 AM? Yeah, that’s basically my track. It’s like a meme, but in music form. 🎵😂

Last one – any message for your fans out there?

To all my peeps, keep vibing, keep dancing, and never stop being you. And if you haven’t checked out my latest tracks yet, what are you even doing? Go give it a listen, and let’s turn up the volume together!