Making a robust comeback after a five-year hiatus at Plazma Records, Matteo Martinelli continues the momentum from his successful debut EP “Drones & Dragonflies“. The much-anticipated release of his solo project, “Will“, not only showcases his revitalized and refined sound but also serves as the grand finale for Plazma’s releases this year.

We are certainly excited to reintroduce our resident artist, Matteo Martinelli, whose authentic productions seamlessly capture the signature sound we strive for at Plazma.

The conception of the “Will” EP

In his album, “Will” Matteo unveils a narrative of self-discovery and artistic rejuvenation. After a three-year hiatus, he isolates himself in the studio, allowing the music to unfold organically. The result is a hypnotic blend of driving ambient techno tracks that reflect the diverse facets of his own journey.

With each composition, Matteo invites listeners into his creative sanctuary, where the tracks, born from a place of authenticity, serve as a profound reflection of his evolving self.

  1. 01 Matteo Martinelli - Will (Original Mix) Will EP by Matteo Martinelli
  2. 02 Matteo Martinelli - Dazed (Original Mix) Will EP by Matteo Martinelli
  3. 03 Matteo Martinelli - Quasar (Original Mix) Will EP by Matteo Martinelli
  4. 04 Matteo Martinelli - Disease (Original Mix) Will EP by Matteo Martinelli
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Matteo’s musical evolution is vividly showcased through increased BPM, dynamic progression, unfolding patterns, and layers of atmospheric textures. This ensures an engaging experience that lasts until the very end. By skillfully navigating the delicate balance between rhythm and melody, Matteo beckons you to explore the richness of his redefined musical expression.

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