Maxerface‘s debut EP, “Lethal Machine“, is now available on all major music platforms, marking a significant milestone in his career. Recognized for his innovative approach and groundbreaking sound, Maxerface has crafted an album that exemplifies his mastery of industrial techno. 

Maxerface, born Seung K. Oak, is an electronic engineer, sound designer, and music producer from South Korea, whose unique perspective and expertise in music technology have made him a standout figure in the global techno scene. Beginning his work in the 1990s with MIDI software and Akai samplers, he has evolved into a master of sound design, blending traditional techniques with cutting-edge advancements. Though he has experimented with various genres, techno remains his primary passion. Now, with the release of “Lethal Machine,” he is shaking up the techno world with its gritty, hypnotic, and robust tracks that are true powerhouses.

We at Plazma are thrilled to present Seung’s album, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

The conception of the “Lethal Machine” EP

The “Lethal Machine” EP plunges listeners into the rugged world of industrial techno, where Maxerface’s prowess as a producer and sound sculptor shines. The album’s concept revolves around the relentless rhythm of machinery, melding industrial sounds with driving techno drums to create hypnotic, immersive textures.

Tracks like “A Flock of Hammers” and “Spinning Rotors” explore the conflict and harmony between human and machine, conveying the essence of a factory floor through rhythmic pitch modulation and chaotic energy. Deepyoon’s remix of the title track adds an electrifying touch, delivering a dynamic listening experience.

Maxerface explained his creative process in a recent interview with us: “The sounds of factory machinery and operations are repetitive and highly stimulating, much like techno music. Once, while listening to the sound of the laundry machine at home, I felt the rhythm of techno. I discovered a new groove from the pitch changes created by rotating objects and created a techno track by implementing it with a synthesizer. Furthermore, I produced a new track by recreating the sounds made by machines in a large factory. “

You can check out the full interview with Maxerface here.

  1. 01 A Flock of Hammers (Original Mix) Maxerface
  2. 02 Spinning Rotors (Original Mix) Maxerface
  3. 03 Lethal Machine (Original Mix) Maxerface
  4. 04 Lethal Machine (Deepyoon Remix) Maxerface
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“My music is dark and deep. Darkness represents the most profound emotions. It sharpens our auditory senses. Immersing oneself in dark and deep sounds allows one to experience the true essence of the music,” says Maxerface.

This depth and emotion are evident in “Lethal Machine”. Even within its industrial techno framework, each track not only pulsates with relentless energy but also conveys a deeper narrative, proving that even in the world of industrial techno, intense emotions can be deeply felt.

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